Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Super Duper Day

This was a super duper day. It started with seeing some friends at church and sitting with a good friend. I enjoyed her company and being with her. I stretched myself today, pushing myself to do some things that made me a little uncomfortable but brought some growth. That was good.
After church, I visited with a good friend and had coffee, it was nice. We chatted lightly, and deeply. We laughed and there were tears too. It was good.
My son called today, he had news. It was good news, I thought. He and his lovely wife are going to have a baby! Another grandchild, number two for us, I can hardly wait. We are surely blessed. God led me to the prayer of Jabez just a couple days ago, the prayer where Jabez prays for his territory to be expanded, and God does. God is doing this for us too, He has promised!
We, my family and I, had lunch with friends. We went to their house and it was lovely. We sat in their back yard, it was peaceful and quiet. Our children played on the swing set. The dogs sat at our feet. We ate salmon that was grilled on cedar planks. We talked. These are some of the best friends we have ever had, and the love my husband and I have for them is Spirit felt. And, the loyalty won't waver.
Our day continued to be super duper. After leaving our friends we went to the lake and met family. We had more good food, rode the boat and the kids were pulled on the tube. It was hot and sunny outside and it felt relaxing and fun. There was a soft breeze coming off the lake and I just wanted to sit there for the rest of the day and nap. I wanted to think about my family, my future grandchild, my friends. I felt grateful to my God for the many blessings, and excited about my super duper day!
After our lake adventure we drove home and played a game. It was the longest game ever. But, it was fun and we had a good time. During the game we took turns texting our son, the future daddy, about fatherhood and being pregnant. We laughed and had a good time. We talked about the day and about babies and about being pregnant. It was super duper!
Jesus, thank you for giving me days like today. Thank you for reminding me that You bring all things together for good and you are good. Thank You for family, friends, and Your love. Say That Again to me, You are expanding my territory in so many ways with family, friends, love, joy, peace, and even in ways I do not yet see. Praise to You!

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