Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Cancellation

Every year in September we go to the Washington Coast. We stay in a cozy little cabin right on the sandy beach, and we play. Our older children with their wives come, we bring our dogs. We play in the sun, the water, the sand. We build castles, we fly kites. The dogs run along the beach until they can't move anymore. We eat smores, hot dogs and cold cereal. I spend a lot of time reading, sleeping, and just being still. The kids play board games, card games, and run on the beach. It's the kind of vacation that everyone in the family looks forward to all year long. We plan it, we talk about it, we laugh about it. It's a memory builder and we love it.
This year, money has been tight. Our business has had work and God is blessing us, but we do not have extra. We are limping along, skimping here and there, scraping by. Still, we were hoping, praying, and planing to go on our traditional family vacation. Everyone scheduled in the time, everyone prayed, we all wanted it very much. But, we cancelled the cabin today. It's just not going to happen, we won't be leaving on Monday. The beach will go on without us. And, everyone in the family feels sad and disappointed.
God and I have spent some time together talking about it today and I have decided that even with the disappointment, I will find some rest and fun in next week. I will praise Him extra and enjoy the beauty of my town. God is so good and in His timing there is a purpose. The blessing in all that He does, and even if I am not seeing it, I will choose to believe that it is there. He has kept me, loved me, and flourished my family in so many ways, how could I not praise His name?
So, Jesus, Say That to me Again today. There are blessing in all things, and You have a purpose for me in all things. You are good, and I will choose to see that today, even when vacation is cancelled!

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