Friday, September 16, 2011

The Lazy Day

My calendar was empty yesterday. After kissing the kids and husband goodbye and closing the door, the house was empty and quiet. Just the dogs and I. It the kind of quiet that swooped me up in delight. I checked my calendar, nothing. So, the dogs and I went back to bed. This is a very unusual practice for me, but, I will admit, enjoyable. I listened to an audio book. I read my bible, wrote in my journal, and I napped. It was restful, and I needed it. It appeared to be needed by my dogs as well.
I did make my way out of bed by 1;00, I know, that's a long time in bed. To make up for my laziness, I walked for 2 hours, which was also enjoyable. I toured the neighborhood and went down by the lake. Then, took a trail up on a hill through the trees that gave me a beautiful view of the lake and the town. I ended up at the kids school just in time to pick them up. It was a good walk.
They came bounding out of school, not as excited about the idea of walking through the neighborhood as I was. But, they did fine. We talked about their day, made it to The House and had a snack, and then drove to our home.
Throughout the day, I just felt thankful that God had given me yet another day of rest. It seems that I have needed them lately. And, He has been telling me to rest. So, I am resting. It feels kind of weird to rest, I want to do stuff, but I choose rather to obey. And, it is nice to rest. His promise to me is that the rest is in preparation for something big. Something big, like the power of His Spirit, big like a sifting of His people, big like revival of many hearts! It will be like wild fire going through the community, hot and crazy. There will not be time for rest.
Say That Again, dear Jesus, You have said to rest IN You, and I will do that. You have said that something big is coming, I will wait and watch, believe and see.

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