Monday, September 19, 2011

The Coupon Books

My son came home today with 15 coupon books that he needed to sell. Its a school project, and the more he sells the bigger the prize. He wants to sell 100! So, we didn't even go home, we drove straight to the top of our hill and he got out of the truck and started to knock on doors. I watched. His sister went along with him for extra support. He was very enthusiastic and he was sure that he would sell one at every house, but as the doors were closed in his face and he had the same amount of coupon books, he began to wonder what was wrong with all the people! Finally, after about six houses, he made his first sale, and he was encouraged once again. We continued to work our way down the hill, finding that only one person was going to give in to his sales tactics.
We ran out of time, and had to go to a prior commitment, so they piled in the car with a bit of despair. I assured them that after dinner they could go out again and it would probably get better. He hit the road again after dinner and I followed at a distance on foot. This time, as I watched them with amusement, it amazed me to see the reckless abandonment of both my son and daughter. The freedom they feel to say whatever is on their mind, to move their bodies in strange and unusual ways, to run in every direction in the neighborhood and twirl about with joy. When they race to the door and ring the bell, for some odd reason they both turn their back to the door, this puzzles me, but amuses me as well. When they each have opinions, they voice them. Questions, they ask them. It is what it is. And, I am so thankful.
Jesus, give me the reckless abandonment of a child, the faith of a child, the joy to be, the freedom to roam about and simply know that it is what it is and that's okay. You have it all under control anyway, so I don't have to think about anything else. The life of a child, a safe child.
Jesus, I am your child, in your hands, captured there forever. Say That Again to me so I know and I remember it always. I am safe there, because You are my Protector.

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