Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Courtroom

I remember the first time I decided to tell someone the truth about my life. I felt sheer terror. I really believed that if I spoke the words, even a few, I would die.
Terror in the dictionary is defined like this: "intense, sharp, overmastering fear; to be frantic with terror." Yeah, that was me. I wasn't running around pulling my hair out screaming frantically, or anything like that, but on the inside, I was freaking.
It really is true that the truth sets me free, and the enemy does not want me to speak the truth, because he hates freedom. He prefers terror! He prefers that I sit in terror and live in isolation, and believe that there will never be freedom, no, not ever!
I'm glad I took the steps and spoke the truth, and have continued to do so all these years. It continues to be a battle in one way or another, and I continue to speak and wear my armor and fight. Yesterday, as Jesus and I conversed back and forth He asked me if was ready to leave the courtroom for good. This whole church thing has been an issue and a challenge, was I ready to leave the court room and let Him do His job?
I asked Him to send me out of the court room, so He picked me up and carried me out through the door. He closed the door, bolted it, and posted warrior angels by the door. Well, that seems pretty final, guess I won't go back in there! I don't want in there anyway, and I'm pleased to have my prayer answered. I'll be testing it's strength on Sunday.
Jesus, you are mighty and I know you are judge and jury, not me. You are my protector, defender, my safeguard, and I love you. Once again, I am here to praise your name, to be in relationship with You. Thank you for pursuing me, for wanting me, for creating me.
Say That Again, my dear Jesus, You want me, therefore you have set me outside of the courtroom so you can take care of me!

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