Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Jam Day

My husband found apricots at a local fruit stand, my favorite fruit for making jam. I was getting a little concerned that maybe I wouldn't get any apricot jam this summer, it's so late in the season now, but we got two boxes and today we made jam. Two friends came to my house and we spent several hours stirring pots of apricots and sugar over the stove. It turned into a deep orange color, like the Fall leaves on trees, and we poured it into little jars and sealed them all up into tight treats for toast and biscuits.
I enjoy making jam. It reminds me of my grandmother and all the canning she use to do when I was a child. She made a lot of jam. Today, I enjoyed being with my friends and talking and just hanging out in the kitchen. It was nice to be in relationship. It was fun to just have a day to be together and have a project. I like that. It felt good to have a couple friends that were willing to come and help me with my needs. It felt like the olden days, and it was good.
In the Bible when Jesus talks about His people being there for each other I picture jam days. We don't have to have a crisis to be there for someone. It's good to be there for the good times, because we are in relationship. I want to be there for the people I love in the good times and the bad. I want to be in relationship, in community. I want to know who they are and to love them all the time. I want to make jam with them, dinner with them, pray with them, love them, and walk life with them.
Jesus, You walked life with twelve men on this earth when you were here, and You did it well, teach me how to do it like You did. Show me how to reflect You. Say That all Again, so I know how.

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