Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Lunch

I had lunch today with two of my daughter in-laws. It was a pleasure. They are married to my two oldest sons, and I enjoy their company very much. They are my daughters, and I wouldn't have picked anyone different to marry my sons. I love visiting with them, hearing about what they do from day to day, their jobs, their interests, their husbands, their hopes and dreams. One of them is going to have a baby and this is very exciting for me, and for her. Everyone in the family finds this exciting and even though she is very early in the pregnancy, I am shopping now. We are planning parties, and talking about the birth. We have discussed the name, and whether we prefer boy or girl! We've laughed about the daddy's reaction, and I've told stories about his dad and how he was as a father.
Thinking about this grandchild brings tears of joy to my eyes. It makes me want to sit in a big chair and wrap up in a cozy blanket with hot chocolate and cry. I know it sounds silly, but I can hardly wait to hold him or her in my arms, and when I do I'll probably cry. I'll be like a weeping willow that can't get up off the floor because I'll be so overwhelmed with baby joy!
When our first child married, I felt so incredibly blessed! I just couldn't believe that God would bring us such a delightful women. He really took our son under his wing and has loved him so tenderly. And, our family has been so blessed by his wife.
Then, our second son found a godly wife as well and the blessings continued, and I praised His name some more. He gave our son a beautiful women to love him tenderly, laugh at him, be patient with him, support him through school, and love his family! Amazing!
Now, a grandchild!
Jesus, You have said you would expand our territory, and You are doing just that. You have always kept me and kept Your promises to me. Thank you for bringing these lovely ladies into my life, thank you for blessing me far beyond what I deserve. Say That Again, Jesus, You keep Your promises to me!

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