Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Armor

I found myself in the toy aisle at the dollar store yesterday. My children love the dollar store and they think the toys there are the best ever. So, as we cruised the aisles, we settled on the aisle with all the armor, swords, shields, helmets, axes, etc...They each picked out two items and were excitedly anticipating a new battle. When they put on their armor, they are invincible, ready for all things,the fight is on!
AS I face my daily challenges and pray for Jesus to clothe me, for He is my armor, I too am ready. He has promised to fight for me. He is the tool to face every challenge. He is the truth, the way and the light. He has given me all that I need in this battle of life to come out with victory.
Earlier in the day, as I was feeling a spiritual attack and praying for God's truth in my life and asking that he cover me in His robes of righteousness, I could feel the arrows of the enemy coming towards me. But, because of His peace and His shield of faith and the prayers of friends, the enemy did not prevail. I have been assured of His salvation, and His enduring love, and His victory in my life.
In church last night the sermon was about God's armor! And one of the pictures he gave was of the Roman soldiers locking their shields together and marching forward in combat. I love that image. This is what my friends do for me. When I am in a battle, I ask for prayer, and they gather together in faith and prayer, locked as one, and the battle is fought. Jesus hears the prayers of Saints, the enemy does not prevail. The Saints go marching on!
Say That Again, Sweet Jesus, You have already won the war, and You have promised to fight the battle for Your Saints. You are the Armor that I put on each day, and when I band together with Your Saints and march ahead IN You, there is no turning back!

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