Saturday, March 12, 2011


When my oldest son was just  a little boy, about 5 or 6 years old, he bought me a bouquet of dried yellow flowers.  He didn't realize at the time that the flowers were dried.  They were very pretty, just dead!  Several years later, he noticed the flowers still on my bookshelf and he said "Wow, those flowers have lived a long time." It warmed my heart.  And, I knew that those flowers would forever be alive in my heart. They are still around, dusty and old.  I've put them away in a box for safe keeping. But, even though they are packed away, I will often think about his loving gesture towards me. He has always been very thoughtful, and caring towards my heart.
This morning as I was praying to God about life in general.  The people in my life, the days ahead, His will for my life.  It is important to me that I reflect His Image to others, and I need Him to direct my ways.  It's important to me that I am on the path He has lit for me, and that I recognize what He is saying to me.
God led me to Romans 16 this morning, and as I read it I wondered why He wanted me to read this chapter.  It's full of "hello's" from Paul to all the people He loves. So, as I waded through the "hello's" I made it down to a verse of caution: "Keep a sharp eye for those that take bits and pieces of the teaching that you learned and then use them to make trouble." It continues on with more warnings, encouraging me to be alert.
The last few verses burst into praise. "All of our praise rises to the One who is strong enough to make you strong....all praise is focused through Jesus on this incomparably wise God, Yes!"
Okay, so it's not ALL "hello's" :-) But, even the list of "hello''s" reminds me that I need to recognize the value and beauty of others.  Speak to them, love them, be in their lives. I also need to use caution, and be on the alert for there are some people that may not have God as their focus.
And, I need to praise God for His gifts.  The gift of His son that died for me, but will forever be alive IN my heart.  The precious gift that He has given me, I was once dead in my sins, but now I am alive IN Him. The love that I offer will be dead, unless I allow Him to be strong within me.
So, just like my precious flowers, dead on the shelf, but alive in my heart.  They are alive in my heart because of the giver. And, they will remain that way because I have a relationship with my son, and through that relationship we both love.  What a gift!  And, because of all of this, I will praise His name today!
Say That Again, Jesus. You are alive IN me!  My sins are dead, because You nailed them to the cross!


  1. Your faith is refreshing. Thank you for stopping by my writing blog and leaving me a comment on Reign of Fire.

  2. Yes and Amen...and I love when God takes words I have read over and over again and He shows me something new, which is why His word is living.
    Good illustration with the flowers.


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