Tuesday, March 8, 2011

His Words

Stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me! That's a lie! At least, for me, that has been a lie, because I have found that words are extremely powerful and the impact they have on my life can last much longer then sticks or stones.   I broke my arm as a child.  We were visiting the Sand dunes and I was on the top of a very tall dune.  I ran, jumped, landed on my arm and it broke! I do remember it feeling pretty bad and the people that we were with made a splint for my arm and wrapped it up.  It was a long drive for us to get to the doctor, and a bumpy road.  When we arrived at the doctor, he took a good look at it and then proceeded to put a cast on it.  I was impressed with the cast, at least for a little while, then it became a nuisance. I'm not sure how long I had to wear it, but the day it came off was victorious.  I quickly went to the piano and started to play, feeling reassured that my arm was back to being fully functional. The pain was gone, the wound was healed, it was good.
There are words though that have stuck much longer. Those old tapes, if you will, that sometimes come back and replay in my mind.  The enemy has them all well-organized and he knows the exact times to remind me of them. Old tapes like "you can't do anything" "nobody really loves you" " you are stupid" or "don't talk!"  There's a lot of old tapes, and each one of them needs to be replaced with truth.  When the enemy pops in an old tape and starts to replay it in my mind, I have to replace it with God's words, His truth. The enemy does not like that.
This morning I was praying for God to put His words in my mouth.  I was praying for His awareness and for His protection. He led me to Psalms 12. Some of the key verses in this small chapter really spoke to me and He answered my prayer.
In verse five, in the NIV version I read this: "Because of the oppression of the weak and the groaning of the needy, I will now arise, says the Lord, I will protect them from those who malign them."  Wow, I like these words, because He is promising to protect me.
In the next verse it reads; "And  the words of the Lord are flawless, like  silver that has been refined in a furnace of clay, purified seven times."
His words, perfect, awesome, flawless.  And, TRUTH for me.  So, today, I will choose to remain focused on His words, and if the enemy tries to attack me with old words, I will turn to the Lord for protection and strength.  I will rejoice in the victory He has already given me, in the authority of Jesus Christ, the One that lives fully and completely in my heart.  I will believe Him, and Him alone today and always!
Say That Again, Jesus, Your words are flawless, You are my Protector.  I will speak Your words and live Your truth. The enemy is defeated!


  1. I like your post for today it hits home for me.
    The key is recognizing it's the enemy and choosing not to walk in agreement with his lies. Sometimes we can get caught up in our emotions and allow the lies to seep in.
    Thanks for reminding me about listening to God's Truth- God's truth is a sure weapon against the lies of the enemy.

  2. Let God be true and all men (and demons)
    be liars. The enemy is indeed defeated.
    Good word. Thanks.


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