Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Promised Land

 Yesterday was a down day for me, by that I mean a day where I didn't do very much.  I needed my surroundings to be quiet, and I didn't want to think about anything to heavy or intense.  The morning was pretty much true to my desires. I started out early with God, praying and reading.  I went to Starbucks and got some coffee, that was good.  And, sat on the bed with my  husband, as my children talked and talked and talked!  My husband took the kids to the skate park and while they were gone I did an inventory of my closet. I thought I should purchase something new, but after looking at what I already have, I felt better about not doing that! Then, I tried on some clothes, just because I needed to see what fit and what didn't. My size has changed and some of my clothes are too big.  So, I had a little fashion show for myself, boots included.
As soon as my husband and kids returned, they wanted to leave again and "do" something.  So, when they asked me what I wanted to do I voted for ice cream.  We ventured to Baskin Robins and enjoyed a delicious ice cream cone! Then, we went down town and walked, our kids rode their bikes, around the park.  It made me hungry for summer, and those long hot days.
My evening plan of just sitting and continuing my carefree day, changed when I learned of a hospital visit that I needed to add to my agenda.  So, as my husband continued his loving care of our children, I went with a friend to make a hospital visit. It went well.  After the visit, my friend and I had a good talk, which would not be considered light and airy. But, we parted each others company feeling closer and more in touch, so that was good.
I didn't want the day to end, actually, so we stayed up a little longer in an effort to squeeze out the last hours of the day.  I had a short visit with my daughter in-law, which was nice.  And, watched a movie.
By the time I crawled into bed it was midnight, and drifting off to dreamland didn't take me long.
Today is a much busier day, but a good day, I'm sure.  I have noticed that with God, He is good to give me quiet days when I need them.  He invites me into His heart, His very soul, and He gives me rest.  He is there when I just need to be frivolous, and mindless.  I still feel His presence.  I know He is there, because He continues to invite me into His life and His will.  He is the promised land that I am so graciously allowed to dwell in.  He is the rest that I run to.  He is the joy that I experience when I get days to walk through the park.  He is the warmth in my heart.  And, with Him, it will not end. I know this because He has promised to never abandon me.  Never leave me.  He will always be there and always love me.
So, today, God and I will be venturing out to study with a friend, teach a class, and meet another friend for coffee.  He will give me the words I need to speak and the thoughts I need to think.  His Spirit will be deep within me.
Say That Again to me, through out this day, Jesus!  Continually touch me with Your warm, everlasting presence, as I live in my Promised Land.

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