Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I grew up watching the Brady Bunch.  It was another favorite of mine. I liked Marsha and I wanted to be like Marsha and have a home like Marsha. They all seemed so happy, and they had great parents.
Consequently, our third son is named: Brady!
When our three older boys were little we went tent camping a lot.  We went to the Oregon Coast on a regular basis.  On this particular occasion the weather was cold and rainy, but we proceeded to set up camp anyway. My husband built a fire first so we could attempt warmth and then went to setting up camp.  Our son Brady was only about two years old at the time.  He was wearing a winter coat and was happily running around our campsite. He was oblivious to the fire danger as he ran towards it, tripped, and fell right in the fire. I was right behind him and grabbed the hood of his jacket and pulled him out of the fire.  He was unharmed, thanks to God! It was truly amazing, a miracle for sure.
It brings me to the danger of the fires I face everyday and the value of being clothed in Jesus for protection. He can and will pick me up and carry me through the trials, unharmed.  I may feel harmed in my physical body, or my feelings may be wounded, but my soul is unharmed.  My eternity is still in tact. I know where my final destination is and I know how I'm getting there. While in prayer a couple weeks ago, Jesus gave me a very clear image: I was outside in a clearing.  Trees were all around me and it was snowing.  I was cold, very cold. Out of the forest I saw Jesus walk towards me.  He came to me and put warm boots on my feet, gloves on my hands, a hat on my head.  He then walked behind me and wrapped me in a beautiful warm cape, fuzzy and cozy.  Then He wrapped both His arms around me and said to me: "The path is lit for you, I want you to go."
This was a very meaningful image to me. He was saying to me that He has clothed me in Himself, and He has a plan for me and He wants me to walk in it.  I am walking in it, and I know He is with me! His arms are tightly wrapped around me and He is keeping me.  He is keeping me from being burned by the fire!
So, today I will continue down the path He has lit for me.  It is good.  When I am feeling sad, frustrated, or discouraged I will remember that I am clothed IN Jesus and He is with me.  I will remember that I am on the path He has laid out for me, and all things will work together for good.  His good, and my good. I will trust Him.
Say That Again, dear Jesus.  I am wrapped in YOU.

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