Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Well

We had a great time at our the Montana Street House last night.  Every Friday we gather for food and fellowship and last night we had some great fellowship, and some great food.  I did a lot of cooking yesterday, and it was good! I made some lentil soup in my fancy pressure cooker.  Eight minutes, and right before my eyes was a delicious soup. Then in the slow cooker, I made macaroni and cheese, also very good, but not as healthy as the soup.  I also made ribs, and found those to be delightful and grilled salmon, yummy!!  We filled our bellies, played with a remote helicopter, had some good discussions.
I thought about how awesome  it is that Jesus is so present and how He has this incredible way of filling my well with His living water.  He provides in an amazing way on a practical level.  He gives us food, a place to fellowship, a home to live in.  This is filling my well daily.
He gives me every spiritual blessing that I ask for, and the Fruit of the Spirit, this is filling my well on a spiritual and an emotional level.  He grants to me the steps to increase my faith, and to know that HE is God!
Like the women at the well, one of those stories that I often think about, Jesus goes out of His way to pursue me and meet me where I am.  He sees that I am in need of His Living Water, and He offers it to me through a relationship with Him and with others.
He knows exactly where I am in life and just what I need.  And, the knowledge of that gives me love, His unconditional love.  Even though He knows all about me and my stuff, He still loves me and He does not judge me on that. Instead, He commissions me to go out and tell others all that He has done for me.  He fills my well with His Living Water, then tells me to go and do the same for others.
He wants me to love! He loves me, even though I have done so many unlovable things.  I am the bucket that he gently lets down into the well, and He powerfully fills up with Himself!  He doesn't see the days that I am grumpy and growly.  He doesn't see the past issues that sometimes catch me up. He doesn't see all the stuff and say to me-"-I'm sorry, you cannot have my living water today!" He pours it on me, and clothes me in it, and lifts me up to a life IN Him.  He speaks words through me that will speak into the lives of others! He uses all the stuff to bring His life to the people around me.
I am the women at the well. We all are.  And, I desire to tell others the story of what He has done, and bring others to the well so they will have their bucket filled.
Say That Again,  Jesus! Keep telling me to speak, speak, and speak again about this incredible movement within my soul because of Who You are!

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