Tuesday, March 22, 2011

She's still talking!

My daughter is on Spring break, so I get to hear her talking all day long, everyday for the next two weeks! She has important things to say, like "I don't like those jeans!" "My jacket is buttoned up to the top" "I really want to bring the computer with us." "Where are we going?" "When are we leaving?" "Who are we going to see?" "Which coffee shop are we going to?" All of this is said in a few short seconds, not really leaving me any time to answer. It's just an ongoing conversation, with an occasional input from me.
Naturally, I think of my relationship with God and the ongoing conversation I have with Him throughout the day. I can go on and on about various issues, telling God all about it. But, how often am I able to just stop and listen. I've brought this up before, because I think about it pretty often. Am I listening? What is God saying to me about life and His leading? Am I following the path He has laid out before me?
I am speaking to a group of women on Saturday. At this point, I do not have a clue what I will say. I've been praying and really keeping my spiritual ears open to hearing what God is saying to me. He has spoken, He continues to say "I will speak through you, Bethany, I will be there." I know He will be there, and He will use my voice to speak into their hearts. But, am I really hearing Him on this?
This is faith, I guess. Stepping out and knowing that He will pull through, He always has, so He will this time too, This is that strengthening of my faith muscle that I know can be weak at times.
So, I'm going to just be quiet again and listen to His voice today. Jesus, tell me more. Reveal Your glory to me and Your truth.
Say That Again, Jesus, You will be there, You will pull through, You will not abandon me, You will be reflected through my voice. Praise to YOU!

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