Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Closet

My closet is a nice size; it's one of the biggest I've ever had. I like it. It's also full, and kind of messy. At the far end of my closet I have shoes and boots.  They are all over the floor, and on a rack. They are tossed, and not really organized in any particular fashion.  Sometimes, I really have to hunt for what I want to put on my feet in the morning. My clothes are neatly hung by color and it's usually easy for me to find what I need there. There's also some shelves in my closet, and they have become the bedroom catch-all.  "What should I do with this?" Closet shelf! So, it's a mix of messy and neat.It works. Every now and then I clean up all the shoes and neatly organize them by pair on the rack and along the bottom of the floor.  A couple days later, it's messy again.
I talked to my mother yesterday and our conversation reminded me of that term, "skeletons in the closet." She was upset that secrets had been told, and she was bothered that I might talk about something that should be kept quiet. Skeletons, my skeletons, my life, my pain. It's messy, and it runs over into the skeletons of my mother and my brothers. It's life. She wants to keep the closet messy, just close the door and pretend that everything is okay. On the outside, it's all neat and pretty, color coordinated. Sounds pretty good, but it's just not reality. It's not God's way, actually.
He wants to be able to see into my closet and work through the messy spots.  He wants to really clean it, and transform it.  He wants to reveal His glory and His love there.  He can't do that if the door is closed. It has to stay open to Him and I need to walk into the closet and take a good look! He wants to look at the secrets and heal the wounds.
I read this morning in 2 Corintihisna 2 again. Right there in front of me this one line jumped out "I found the place wide open: God had opened the door; all I had to do was walk through it." It didn't mention closing the door anywhere.
So, I'm through the door, I might stumble around on the messy stuff occasionally, but I will grow and learn. God will reveal to me His light, and He will continue to do the work in my closet His way. He is the one with the vacuum, the shovel, the grace needed to live in the reality of my closet. He brings the darkness to light,and He shines. He is cleaning!
Say That Again, Jesus, God. Continue to keep my door open and continue this work. Bring to me an awareness of your work, and make it evident in me.


  1. Be courageous, my friend. Your story is God's story, too. Darkness into light. :)

  2. Blessings as you work through your closet with the Lord and as He reveals and heals. All of us have skeletons. Be encouraged. God will show you how to remove them and rearrange, while honoring all those in your life.


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