Wednesday, March 16, 2011


As I mentioned, my daughter talks all the time! She has a lot to say about everything. I, on the other hand, have little to say this morning and most of the time.  I am quiet, seeking to understand what others are saying.  I "wonder" a lot! On the days that I do have something to say, it's usually quick and to the point, and sometimes I come across as too harsh.  I don't mean it that way at all, I'm just not very good at getting it out sometimes.
 This is why it's a mystery to me why God wants me to speak to women.  I know this is what He is calling me to do, I have no doubts.  I also know that He will have to do all the talking! He will have to bring the words to my mind, along with wisdom.  He will have to speak through me into their hearts. I pray for this everyday, and I know He is making progress, but I still wonder how it's going to all pan out.
God's power is magnificent, I've seen it work miraculously in my life and in the lives of others.  He steps up all the time, as soon as He is given the go ahead.
In my prayers this morning, as I prayed about all of this and more, God led me to Isaiah 60.  It's a beautiful chapter about the glory of Zion.
"Arise, shine, for your light has come. And the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. For behold, darkness will cover the earth and deep-darkness the peoples, But the Lord will rise upon you; and His glory will appear upon you."
Yes! I love the part about the Lord will rise upon you and His glory will appear upon you!  When there is a deep darkness, my Lord will come and shine! The darkness gone.
Deeper into the chapter, on the Message side it reads this: "Not long ago you were despised refuse- out-of-the way,unvisited, ignored. But now I've put you on your feet.....You'll know that I am God, am your Savior, your Redeemer, Champion of Jacob. I'll give you only the best--no more hand me downs!"
 I love how God picks the perfect chapter for me to read! How He reassures me that He is God and He is good! He wants the best for me, and He intends to use me for His best. To shine for Him.  His glory will be evident in my life, because He gives to me His best. He knows that I have felt pushed out of the way, uninvited and ignored! He lovingly tells me that He has been there all along and He will make it clear that HE IS GOD! He redeems, He saves, He loves.  He takes those that love Him and He feeds their souls.  He feeds my soul.
He promises to be my eternal light, because I am an eternal being.
I guess I found some words today, and I'm feeling fired up with His passion!  The path to Jesus is rocky.  But, it's okay, because each rock has deep meaning and significant lessons for my life.  The timeline stretches out with the years and when I have been in darkness, He has always redeemed. His glory shines through me and His people, and the powerful Spirit-led army marches on into the first class glory of Jesus!
Say That Again, Lord Jesus. You always find a way through the rocky dark trail, and bring me into the glory of Who You are! Amen to the blessings of My God!

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