Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's Just Crazy!!

When I look at my life with all the twists and turns, I think " this is crazy!"
 When I think of God's never-ending, magnificent love, enduring patience, beautiful lasting grace and mercy--I know that He has a crazy love for me!
When I walk through a day and I think everything is crashing around me, I can start to feel crazy.
When I look at the gifts and the blessings He has bestowed upon me,the realization that I am living in the promised land He has promised me, right now. I am an eternal being, with His Spirit IN me, it's a reality that only He can keep alive through me. Wow, crazy!
I am His Bride, His friend, His love, His servant, and He is using me, little ole' me to be the salt of this earth, to further His Kingdom, to be His witness. Heaven is my home, I'm just visiting here, I'm in transition.
He can take the trials, the bad, the sad, the despair and turn it all for good, an amazingly crazy miracle!
He binds up the broken hearted, He sews my heart and makes it clean, well, beautiful.  He touches me, loves me, speaks to me--wow, crazy.  He wants to be with me, walk beside me, use me in my home, church, community.
No one can do what God does.  He raises the dead. His very own son died and now lives again.  He offers this very same power to me.  The power of His Spirit, whoa--that's the kind of crazy that blows me away! He becomes so much a part of His children, that He enables them.  Me, His blood pulses through my being and I am able to be One with Him!
He is able to take my selfishness. He can give me the power and the boldness to live like Jesus; that is a mind boggling crazy truth.
His fruit, love, peace, joy, self-discipline,'s a wonderful crazy.
He has renewed, redeemed, revived. He has forgiven. He has set me free, really, really free!
He has compelled me, moved me, commissioned me, prodded me, stayed with me, endured for me, carried me, kept me, talked to me, danced with me, assured me, disciplined me, STAYED with me always.  He has fed me, heard me, used me, given me access to His Father, been my advocate.
He died for me because He loves me, now that is crazy!
Jesus, Say that Again.  Your love for me is unexplainable.  Everything is; it's all Your incredible crazy gift to me. Thank you!

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