Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I like to sing in the car, when I'm all by myself.  It's especially nice in the summer when I can have the sunroof open, the windows open, the music loud, and I can sing. My daughter has picked up on this habit as well, and when she's singing, I usually like to listen.  She sounds better than I do!
I use to sing in the choir, and also in a smaller group.  We were called "The Singers" It was in high school, and we all dressed  alike and traveled around the Northwest, singing.  I even sang a duet once, and a solo! I wouldn't want to do that now, but I guess I'm singing  solo's and duets in the car.  That's okay. It's nice and I like it.
Sometimes, in the car, I cry.  It's probably  the place I cry the most, actually. On occasion, I cry and sing at the same time.  It works.
Also, in the car, I talk on the phone a lot.  It's my office, my place of letting go, my comfort zone.
In the car, I listen to audio books.  Sometime, fact other times Christian fiction. My dog and I listen together. She seems to like it.
Another thing that often happens in my car, is coffee. I drink my coffee in the car, I like how my car smells like coffee.  Well, it smells like dog farts too, but that's not as nice.
My car has heated seats, and it takes me so long to thaw out after winter, that I still keep the heat on until July. My husband does not understand this need to be heated in the summer.  Most people don't!
I prefer to take my car over any other car.  If we travel, I hope to take my car, but sometimes we borrow our sons car because it saves us so much on gas. It's just not the same.
I avoid the news in my car; I don't want bad news to ruin my safe and happy place.  And, there's really a lot of bad news these days.
I like my car, and I depend on it to meet a lot of needs. So far, it's been very faithful and very good to me. I trust it will keep going, and get me where I need to go.
Even when the doors lock me in or out at my cars will, and the windows won't go down, or up, and it gets messy with stuff, I still like my car.  It's a good car.
Sometimes, my relationships remind me of my car.  And, from there I go to God and my relationship with Him.   I am reassured to know that God sings over me, covering me in His love and devotion. His heart hurts when I'm in pain, and He cries over my pain, binding up my wounded heart. He listens to me, talks to me, is there for me.  My prayers rise to Him like sweet smelling incense, and there is a pleasant result.  He warms my soul.  He wants to be number one in my life, all the time, my preference, my desire, my hopes and dreams.  He is a positive force in my life, He is the light that nullifies the darkness.  I can depend fully on God to get me where He desires me to be.  He will meet all my needs, and be faithful to me always.  He is good, all the time!
Jesus, I want to Say That Again to You and thank you for Who You are, and for Your devoted love!

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