Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just Say It!

I met with a friend this morning, we are young in our relationship, but there's a connection between us that means something.  She texted me to see how I was doing, and initiated relationship.  That felt good to me, because I felt like she cared.  We had a good conversation, and shared about life. We set up a time to meet again. I will look forward to that. I like relationship, even though relationship can prove to be risky.
Life is risky though, don't you think? Just existing in a world that is full of people makes life risky. I could try to hide away to avoid the pain of relationship, but even that would be risky. So, with each blessed day given to me, I step out.
I am asked how I'm doing, and sometimes it's really great.  Other times, not so great.  And, I say so.  I don't like the fake stuff, when someone says they are doing great, when in reality they are hurting.  What's the harm in just saying how it really is? I wonder.  If I say I'm great, when in reality my heart is hurting, what and where does that get me? If I allow my walls to be big and strong so I look good,  how does that help me or the person in front of me?
So, I'm thinking that even though it is good to use wisdom and discernment, transparency is still the ticket. And, yes, it is risky.  I might get hurt, again.  I might feel unaccepted, unloved, rejected.  But, the truth is, I am none of those things.  God's love covers it all, and He has me right where He wants me.
I will step out today and be real. I will play in the sandbox that God has so graciously given me, and I will dance to His music.  Delight in the Lord will be my motto!
In Romans 5, my chapter this morning, God says that He will set things right. So, I will walk beside Him and know that He will do exactly as He says.  Someday.
And, when I cry out to Him because of the trials and the pain, I will also rest IN Him and be assured that He has my hand.
Say That Again, Jesus, You have my hand,  And, I cannot be snatched out of it!

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