Friday, February 25, 2011

She's Gonna Blow

So, I purchased one of those nifty electric pressure cookers; it's chrome and it's all shiny.  Looks pretty nice sitting on my counter.  Today I decided I would try it out and make some lentil soup.  It's suppose to cook the soup in 8 minutes, that's my kind of cooking!
I chopped onion; it also sautes the onion, and the garlic.  Put in some carrots, and chicken broth, added the lentils, salt and a bay leaf.  Pretty simple. I got the lid on and set the cooker to high pressure, 8 minutes.  It heated up very fast and the steam poured out of the top.
My kids and I watched the event with anticipation, and I was thinking "she's gonna blow!" It beeped, I let it cool down, and then removed the lid.  Yup, there's lentils in there, but no liquid.  This is not soup! Tasted it, and found it to be very good, but where's the soup?
I added more broth and stirred it around, sprinkled a little more salt, and wa-la, I had soup!  And, it was very quick, I'll definitely  use it again, probably tonight.  I think I'll try chicken noodle soup, and hope the liquid stays in tact. The pressure gets so high, that it seems like the whole thing is going to blow, but with the lid on, all is well!
I know what this feels like.  I've had a few days here and there where the pressure inside of me feels pretty intense and I think "I'm going to blow!" Last night, I had dinner with some girl friends, we really had a nice time.  But, I found myself making sly comments here and there that I could've been left out of the evening.  The kind of comments that are right on the edge of blowing it.
God was quick to convict me, and put the lid on. He reminded me that I am to treat those that have hurt me with love and respect.  It is not okay to build up steam against them, and then let it blow out on girls night. God and I spent some time talking about it, me confessing, repenting of my wrong, Him loving me still. He is good all the time, and He wants me to not only guard my own heart, but others as well. And, I do fail at this often. I let the pressure of life's trials build up until I just want to let it all blow out. But, that is not the solution.
So, I am praying still for Jesus to take the pressure that I sometimes feel and turn it to good. Continue to sweeten my mouth and cleanse my heart. Continue to move me forward, and cover me with the lid of Your Spirit and Your love. Say That Again, Jesus, that You will fulfill Your words to me, and take all that I give you, even the steam and pressure of life.


  1. My late grandmother used one of these pressure cookers for making soup, too. They're great!

  2. They are great! I made chicken noodle soup today, homemade noodle. It's yummy!


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