Thursday, February 17, 2011

Walking along

I went to my husbands office on Tuesday and walked a mile on the treadmill. He was beside me, running his mile.  I use to walk a lot, 8-10 miles a day, but life got busy, winter came, and my walking has slowed down. It is still one of those activities that I enjoy. Sadly, since I haven't done that much of it lately, my muscles are sore now just from walking a mile.
Back in the day of Jesus, they did a lot of walking.  Jesus walked everywhere.  The sandal business was good back then, because I'm thinking that most folks went through several pair.
I was reading in Luke 24 this morning and enjoyed the story of the two men from Emmaus.  They were walking along, intent in conversation.  They were confused and sad about the recent events of Jesus' death. Nothing had turned out as they had anticipated, and it wasn't feeling so good to them. They did not understand at all.
As they were walking along, a man joined them in their walk.  It was Jesus, but they were so wrapped up in trying to figure it all out, they didn't even recognize Him. Jesus asked them what was going on, and to them that was an incredible question!  How could this man (Jesus) not know what had just occurred? Seriously, everyone was aware of the fact that Jesus had been killed,and to many, all hope was gone! They were extra confused about everything, because no one knew where the body of Jesus was. Some of the women had been to the tomb and they were claiming that Jesus was actually ALIVE. How could this be?
They told Jesus all these things, and Jesus began to talk to them about all that was in the bible and how scripture had been fulfilled.  When they arrived at the edge of the village, they urged Jesus to come to their home and eat with them. He accepted this invitation and went home with them.  They sat down to eat and as Jesus broke the bread, their eyes were open and they knew it was the actual Jesus seated with them.  Truth right before their very eyes, and they understood.  They knew that it was because of Him their hearts burned with desire and joy, and in reality, life was full of hope!
Jesus disappeared after breaking the bread, but it didn't matter at that point.  They went searching for the Eleven and their friends, and told them that Jesus was alive. They had walked with Him and He had showed them truth.  He was right there beside them the entire time, and they didn't even know it!  But, He revealed Himself to them, and they knew.
Ah, lovely indeed! I'm on the same path, and Jesus is walking beside me, shepherding me.  He is revealing truth to me through His Word and through others, and I have understanding because of this.  He is my companion, my leader, my hope, my security, He is everything as I walk this road. He is so much to me that I too want to tell others, I want to share with my friends the good news of Who He is and all that He does.
Say That Again, dear Jesus.  You are walking beside me, talking to me, loving me.  Your truth is burning within my heart.

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