Monday, February 21, 2011

Peace Man, Peace

I have a lot of favorite things. I love to collect rocks off of the sandy beach, and sand dollars. I really enjoy boots, skirts, and my Land Rover.  I collect journals, and enjoy writing in them. I have a favorite chair that sits by the fireplace, and it's piled with favorite blankets.  I have a favorite dog, and my favorite food is chocolate covered ice cream bars! My favorite book is the Bible. And, I like the peace symbol. I have clothes with the peace symbol, books, jewelry, and paper; it' cool!
I like peace, because it's a gift from God and I strive to live a peaceful life in unity with His Body. I like the fact that Christ gives me peace deep down inside, even if things around me are chaotic. He blesses me in times of trouble and strengthens me.  He lights the path before me, and gives me peace in walking His Way.
In the battle of life, and it is a battle, I have peace knowing that He is the Victor and I am in His hands forever. In the trauma, the hurt, the wounds, He offers His peace and His love for me to settle in. There is peace in knowing that I am complete IN Him and my life is going to be blessed because of who He is.
I want to bless others with His peace and have the depth of peace that is beyond understanding. A peaceful Spirit, calm and soothing.
In peace, there is joy.  The joy of the Lord, brings peace! As I walk the path He has lit for me today, I will continue to be in peace and joy.  When the emotions of conflict and pain swell within me, I will turn it over to Him and ask Him to take it.  I will pray for peace. Peace within and peace in our nation, our world. I will pray today for His Spirit to bring peace to all and favor to shine upon me and you.
In His authority and in His name I will bless others with His peace, joy and love.  I will pray for Him to use me today to be fruitful in this way, the way of His Peace.
When my children are fighting, the dog is stealing food off the counter, the grandchild is crying, the phone is ringing, the chores are piling up, the car won't start, I'm running late, the schedule is in chaos, friends are hurting, the money is low, relationships are in pain and turmoil, and more...I will pray for peace to cover it all, and to reflect off of my character. For truth.
Say That Again, Lord, You are my peace and my life. My covering in the chaos.

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