Sunday, February 20, 2011


This morning I was reading in Isaiah 39; it's the story of Hezekiah showing all his treasure to the messengers from Babylon. If I back up a little bit, Hezekiah is the king that God healed from death, and he was pretty excited about that.  In his excitement, he kinda forgot that the story was about God, not himself. He was a very wealthy king and he wanted to show off all that he had.  So, the messenger guys came and they got the grand tour of Hezekiah's kingdom.  They saw that it was very good!
 A little later, the prophet Isaiah showed up and he asked the king what these guys were up to.  He also asked Hezekiah what he had showed them. "Everything," Hezekiah said. "I showed them the works, opened all the doors and impressed them with it all."
Isaiah gave him a warning, telling him that someday everything, even his sons, would be taken away to Babylon. There would be nothing left--nada.
Hezekiah said it was a good thing, but in his heart he was thinking that nothing bad would happen in his lifetime, he would enjoy peace and stability!  Basically, not his problem!
The first thing that came to mind after reading this story was how God wants me to have wisdom in the choices I make. I need to be careful who sees my internal kingdom, because if I trust someone who is not of one spirit with God, it will all be stripped away!  Wow, this is big.  God has given me experiences, and those experiences can be taken and used for bad if I'm not careful. God will turn it back into joy, but the pain I walk could be big.
I have walked in caution most of the time when it comes to my internal life.  But, I've also been pretty open to some people, and I've been hurt. I walked these steps believing it was the will of God, so why the stripping? Why would God allow me to be trampled upon and left wounded? I think it's all for the purpose of learning His wisdom and learning to trust in His ability to bring it all together for good. It's to see that He can and will reconcile those who are one spirit.
Babylon was not one spirit with Hezekiah, and consequently, he was greatly harmed and enslaved. The consequences of Hezekiah showing his all to his enemy was devastating.  He was not wise.
I recently had a man tell me this exact thing, be wise about who I reveal my life to. He had a lot of wise advice, actually.  And, even though, I have been careful, some of my choices have not necessarily been wise. My question to God is where's the balance between transparency and wisdom? Wise transparency is the goal in my life and I'm praying for the ability to discern better.  Hezekiah did not have either of these.
So, today, Jesus, Say That Again! Seek wise transparency and know discernment. 

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  1. Hi Bethany. Great post! I am studying the book of Isaiah through Bible Study Fellowship. It has been awesome! Another study I am doing with my small group is called "Don't waste your life" by John Piper. We are just in the middle of talking about suffering for Christ (like you discussed in your post). That too has been thought provoking and good.

    Be blessed


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