Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Little Children

My son and daughter do not always get along with each other very well.  There can be some days where they just want to fight.  Eli will give Ruby that look and she will scream "Eli looked at me!" Ruby will poke fun at Eli and he will stomp off in tears.  "Ruby touched me, she's bothering me!" It is not fun when they behave this way, they just get on each other in annoying ways, and that in turn is annoying!
The last two days, they have actually been very good with each other.  No fighting, they've simply played with each other and been kind.  Ah, I like this. They've spent most of their time playing lego together, and enjoying each other as playmates. They've been in right standing with each other, and consequently, life has been far more pleasant for everyone in the house.
God led me to 1 John 2 this morning, and I enjoyed it very much. It teaches me about being in right standing with God.  John points out that the one who keeps God's word is the person in whom we see God's mature love.  Anyone who claims to know God intimately will live as Jesus lived! When I love my brother and sister, I am dwelling in the light, God's light, and I don't block the light from others, but it shines all around. If I am hating my brother or sister, I am living in the dark, stumbling around, blinded by darkness. There will not be peace in my household, there will be anxiety.  As I fellowship with my God, His word will be steady within me, and I will gain victory over the enemy.  This means I will be steady in relationship as well, and get along with others.
Eli and Ruby practice living in the light, but they are often stumbling around in darkness, caught up in fights, temper tantrums, blame, anger.  They don't even want to be in right standing with each other, sometimes! They are little children and they are learning to get along, slowly.  As they grow, they do better, their level of maturity is stronger and it becomes more evident that they love each other.
I can be like a little child sometimes too, I get angry, I feel hurt, I blame someone else for the issue. I need to step back and let God's light shine on me and His forgiveness work through me.  I need to be in right standing with my sisters and brothers, not in turmoil. This is displaying mature love for Him and obeying His commands for my life. At the end of 1John 2 it says to stay with Christ and to live deeply in Christ.  I like that.  Deeply IN who He is, so I am like Him. And, the last blurb  "all who practice righteousness are God's true children." This is because He is right and righteous.
I am hoping that today will be another day that my little children are in right standing with each other, and they will know who they are  IN Him, and live accordingly.  Today, I am living in right standing with them, and with others, so all will know that I am dwelling in God's light.
Say That Again to me Jesus, it is Your light, Your righteousness, that keeps me in that place of loving my sisters and brothers. Hold me there, deeply In You.

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