Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Horn

The facilitator of the training that I'm at has a horn. It's like one of those bicycle horns that attach to the bike handles. He "blows" it when it's time to start in the morning, or when break time is over.  It's loud, and it gets the job done.  Today, after break, I took his horn and hid it behind the bag of one of the guys there.  Only one person saw me do it and he was very good at keeping my secret!
The facilitator came back and went after his horn, only to find nothing. He said "who took my horn? Where is it?" He pegged a few people, not me, but no one fessed up. It was an easy, sneaky task for me, and I was not suspected as the culprit at any time.  It was fun :-)
So we finished the afternoon session without the horn; it was quieter.  Then, when it was time to go, my friend whose bag was hiding the horn moved his bag and wa-la, a horn!! The facilitator spotted it right away, and assumed it was my friend.  He said "wasn't me" and the hunt was on. A little while later, I walked up to the facilitator and said "I see you found your horn!"  He knew then it was me, and he gave me a hard time the rest of the evening. I was never a suspect, I was quick, and sly.  I pulled a good one.
Of course it got me thinking about God and all that He sees.  And, the grace He offers me, because of what He sees.  He is an amazing God! I am in love with Him,  and it's a comfort to me that He sees everything and knows all. I can't hide from Him, no one can. And, in the end, it will all come into view, and justice will be done. All the guys that are hiding will be brought into the light. There will be no more darkness! That same light that He will shine then, can shine through me right now. I will be a vessel for His light, love, words, and His power.  I will move ahead today in the open light of His calling and be whole and complete IN Him. He is my God of wonder, and I'm excited to see what tomorrow holds.
Say that Again, God, Your light takes away the darkness!

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