Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I awoke at my usual time this morning and read my devotional book.  But, instead of journaling my prayer, I just spoke it to God this morning.  I was feeling a little out of sorts, again, and I just needed to speak. I needed Him to talk to me as well, so I was quiet and listened.  He is always quick to assure me that He is here for me and that He loves me. I know this is true, even with that, I am still left to question sometimes the path I am on.  I want to do His bidding, not my own.
He gave me the thought to read Proverbs 12, so I turned to that chapter in my Bible.  It starts out by saying that whoever loves discipline loves knowledge. And, a good person delights in God and wants nothing to do with devious schemes.  Fools are headstrong and do what they like, but a wise person takes advice.
There is healing in words of the wise, and the truth lasts.
The truth lasts--Jesus is the truth and He is my solid foundation.  He will last through everything, no matter what, I know I will be able to count on Him.  He is the planner behind the plan, He is the One that molds me, completes me, drives me to my goals.  It is Him, not me.  He is the One that disciplines me, and increases my knowledge of Him.  I will delight in Him today, because He is who He says He is!  I will continue to learn of His goodness and pray for faith that sustains me through all trials.
There are days, that I just want to hide in my bedroom and pretend that everything is cushy all the time. But, that is not real life, it's not truth.  I can't hide from the pain, the losses, the reality of life.  But, I can move ahead IN Him and be full of the power of His Spirit.  I can choose boldness, love, peace, and relationship. I can do this, because it is the truth about life, Jesus is truth, and I choose Him.
So, today, I'm going to keep walking in His truth.  I will not pretend that everything is cushy and great, I will look at reality and I will be real.  He makes me that way, no walls, no avoidance, accountability to Him.
Say That Again, Jesus--Truth Lasts.

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