Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sweet Tarts

I had a great evening with my husband. It's one of those evenings that will go in my memory bank as very special. Not that we did anything too out of the ordinary, but we were together, and it was nice. We both enjoyed our dinner, and we cuddled during the movie.  We ate sweet tarts, my favorite, they are only a dollar at the Dollar Store!  I tried to keep them from him, but he still managed to get a few; it was fun!
While eating sweet tarts, I decided that he was the sweet one, I am the tart one, and we mix well. Without the sweetness he brings to my life, I would be only tart.  He keeps me balanced, my better half, for sure.
As my thoughts moved around about sweet and tart, I began to think of the balance God brings into my life. The times of sweet, the times of tart. His consistent nature and promises move me through life into His sweetness. I need this all the time, for God provides to me strength and assurance. Sometimes, my faith is very tart, and I am challenged to believe that I will be able to walk through whatever lies ahead. Other times, I look back and see how sweet God has made life, even in the challenges.
The Accuser is often there to tell me that life is only tart, and I need to walk away.  He accuses me of being unloved, unwanted, not needed, and when I listen to him I feel tart. He tries to judge me, discourage me, and move me into a faithless life.  I don't always recognize his accusations, and I take credit for what he is doing.  But, in God's faithfulness, He finds a way to remind me of truth. His sweetness shines through, and my faith increases.
Today, I am feeling revived.  I see the image of Jesus behind me gently pushing me into the sweetness of His will. And, whether it goes the way I want it to or not; it is His will.  His light is shining on my path, and because I am IN Him, it will be sweet, mixed with some tart. Through Him, I will continue forward, and In His authority, I can tell the Accuser to go away and leave me alone. The battle can rage, but I know Jesus has won the battle. He clothes me IN His sweetness and covers the tart with His blood.  He gives me hope for another day, and that is good.
So, Jesus, Say That Again, remind me to come into Your Sweetness and be covered.

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