Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Sinner

The devil has a duty, he is on a mission, and that mission is to convince all of God's children that their sins render them useless to God.  He whispers in our ear, when we screw up, saying "Oh, you've done it now. There's that sin again that you succumbed to, God will never be able to use you!"
I've heard him say that exact thing to me.  There have been times that I have believed him, and I've sunk into a world of despair. Useless before God, because of what I've done!
Thankfully, God in His ever present grace, has always brought me to His truth.  That truth is that when I confess my sins, He is faithful and just to forgive me! When I rebuke the lies of the devil, and seek the truth of Jesus, He uses me.  He brings fruit into my life!
God has transferred me into His light, I am His saint, not sinner.  Sometimes I choose to sin, but He brings forgiveness and light to that every time and I continue to walk as His Saint. If I wander about with the mentality that I am a sinner, it is professing that sin is at the core of my identity.  That is not truth! The core of my identity is Jesus, and He enables me to walk in His steps and through the power of His Spirit.
He reveals truth to me daily and sanctifies me with that truth. His spirit brings boldness, light, discernment, and wholeness.  Because I am a saint in Jesus, and He is my identity, I have wholeness In Him.
Sometimes, like yesterday for example, I fall into doubt and sadness.  My identity has been attacked by others, and my wholeness and health.  But, the truth is, I cannot allow that to be a dagger in my heart. I cannot allow the opinion of others to bring me to a place of sin. I cannot allow my fears that I will be pushed away and unloved to determine my actions. God loves me, He has called me to a ministry for Him.  He has crowned me with His splendor, and wrapped me in His robes of righteousness. This is the stand I make for Him, and for my identity IN Him.  He knows the truth, and He sheds that on my path.  I will walk that path, no matter what.
When I feel assaulted, misinterpreted, misunderstood, I will choose to remember that Jesus was once in those shoes and He prevailed. This is about Jesus and the mission I walk for Him.  It is not about my reputation, my feelings, or my communication.  This is about Jesus and His truth and the truth He has given me to walk in.  He has not brought me to this place for nothing or asked me to carry out His will in sin.  No! He has transferred me to His light, sat me in the heavenly realm beside Him, and compelled me to carry out the saintly walk of His light and His love.
So, when I am faced with opposition, and faced with battles, faced with confusion from the past, God will still prevail and in His timing truth will be evident to all.  To all who have the heart that is humble and willing to see it.
 This is about Jesus, Say That Again, Jesus so that I will continue to walk Your path in Your light.

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