Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Set up

There's been times in my life that I have felt totally set up. And, I'm not talking about being set up on a hill, or set up with a bunch of money, or set up for life!  I mean set up for disaster. When the motives of someone else felt just wrong, and I allowed myself to engage. I walked away feeling like it was a disaster and asking God what the point was?
Of course, God has set me up for life eternal, in His Kingdom. I am seated there right now beside Him. I am of His Kingdom, and it is my goal to serve His Kingdom everyday.  Even during the times that I feel like it's a disaster.
So, I'm walking today with questions and pain. I'm not liking the set up, or the method.  But, His Kingdom is calling me to something higher and that is the direction I must walk.  He is my ultimate authority, and it is Him alone that I will run to. If the motives and someone else slows me down, I will remember His calling to me and just keep on the path of light.
Deep inside my heart when fears creeps in, I will focus on His love. When I am disappointed or angry, I will pray for His healing. I will run towards the calling He has given me, and towards the people He has graciously put in my life. I will allow Him to set me up in the palm of His hand, and be fruitful for Him. I will seek His will, not the will of man.
And, I will rest in His forgiveness, for I need that. I will remember that this is about God, not me. It is about His will, not mine. Life is full of grace to those who walk in His path, and healing from the hidden motives of man. I will be set up in His love, and seek to love others as He does. I will leave the judgments to Him, and rest in the knowledge that He is my God and He is good.
When He calls me to run, to leave, to be still--then I will obey.  For I am set up IN Him this day. I will listen to Him through His word, His trustworthy people, and through His church. This is the set up He has arranged for all of us, eternal life. And, I will rejoice in that set up today.
Say That Again, Father, because I will need a lot of reminders today.  Put Your voice on replay and Say That Again!

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