Saturday, February 12, 2011

City or Country?

We live at the top of a hill, and we have a very steep driveway. In our back yard, we have about 1/2 acre of forest on a steep hill. We are not far from town, but to me it's country living! I'm not a big fan of country living, I prefer town, or city.  In fact, my dream home would be right in the middle of the city, Manhattan or Seattle, my two favorite cities. I like the hustle and bustle of the city.  And, I like all the coffee choices, the food, the culture. I like watching all the people. Yup, city life is more adventurous to me, than country.
I was reading the last couple chapters in Revelation, and I find it exciting that God likes cities too! Very big cities, actually, and when He comes He is going to give us a new city to live in. This will not be country living. It's the kind of city with bling--lots of gold, jewels, and the Tree of Life.  Naturally, there's a bit of country in the city, because we will be able to stroll through the Garden of Eden at any given moment.
So, this great city is a city of shimmering light, and it has a majestic wall all around it with twelve very large gates. At each gate, an Angel is posted, and on each gate the name of the tribes of Israel are engraved.
This giant wall that encloses rmy City of gold light,  is jasper. And, the foundations of my City walls has every precious stone imaginable. The streets are pure gold, like glass.
God is the temple of my City, there is no need for a sun or a moon, because it is well lit by the glory of God!
It is safe there, and everyone living there will be free to come and go as they please, the gates are never closed. Nothing dirty or defiled will be in my City, no deceit, pain or tears.
Everyone living in my City, The City of God, will be full of love, kindness, patience, boldness, hope and courage.  They will be in loving relationship with each other all the time, and there will be much laughter. Oh, I can hardly wait to be in my City!
Today, I will pray that the home God has provided for me and my family, here on earth will be as it is in His City, my city.  I will pray for continual love, and the binding of the enemy.  I will pray for hope, courage, boldness, reconciliation, safety, peace, and friendship.  I will pray that His treasures will be in my heart, and I will worship Him freely, the gates of His love available all the time.
Oh, Lamb of God, thank you for building a city for me and for all those that love You! Come soon to take me home to live with you. You promised that You would come soon, Say That Again to me, "I am coming soon!"

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