Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Shepherd

As God's child, I am commissioned to be a shepherd of the people in my life, my neighborhood, and my community.  He has called me to be like Him, and Jesus is our Great Shepherd. We were with a group a few days ago, and we discussed what a shepherd looks like.  I enjoyed seeing in black and white, right in God's Word what He says about that.
For me, I want to do His bidding, and be the shepherd He has called me to be.  I also want to feel like I am being shepherded. This has been a challenge for me lately, because I have not felt that way in some avenues, and so it has challenged me to continually come back to God and ask Him what  can I do to love and shepherd people in such a way that they feel it and know it.
To shepherd, is to keep.  It's keeping His people in my heart, and watching over them. I really like Ezekiel 34, because it lays out what it means to shepherd souls, to keep them. To be a shepherd like Jesus, who is the ultimate One, what must I do?
I will commit myself to feeding His people. I will go after the strays, encourage the weak, nurse the injured. I will protect them, never expose them to harm, or put them in vulnerable positions,  keep their confidences. I will lead them to Jesus, and help them rest. I will acknowledge them, never ignore them, and rescue them when they have scattered and fallen away. If they are lost, I will go after them.
I will make things right between myself and others, and help others be in right standing with each other. I will proclaim a covenant of peace and enforce safety within His fold. I will be blessing to all and through His Spirit I will bear fruit. There will be contentment and safety within His Body. I will move forward fearless and free. I will proclaim that God is our God and we are His people, and He is keeping us all.
I need Jesus to enable me to be a good shepherd for Him.  I need Him to shepherd me, teach me, live through me.  I need Him to lead me in times of trouble, and give me rest. I need Him to feed my soul and show me how to do the same for others.
Jesus, Say That Again to me.  Remind me how to be a shepherd for You, and give me Your strength.  Love others, through me, Jesus!


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