Sunday, March 27, 2011

His Adventure

We hiked behind our house yesterday. We have a steep hill behind us and it's covered in pine trees, bushes, rock, and lots of mud. At the top of the hill, there's a lot of flat open space and the view is beautiful. We went to the top and to the other side, then back down between some very big rocks. It's the rock fort, and it's really cool! The rocks are completely covered in an amazing moss. There's about three different types of moss on them; it's lush, thick, and very green. And, the it feels so soft, like velvet. I took a couple pictures of the moss, and several pictures of our kids and my husband.
The kids are very comfortable there and seem to think that they can go anywhere on that hill. They easily forget that we have bears in our forest, or that they could easily slip off the edge of a cliff. To them, it's all a big adventure and they are out to explore, see, smell, and be kids. I like watching the excitement they have when we go up the hill. I like watching how brave they are. I like telling them to step back from the edge!
It does remind me of my walk with Jesus though. He is my Rock, my defender, my protector. He covers me completely IN His beauty and warmth. He asks me to step forward in faith and live adventurously. He is my security, my solidity.
There are times, I step back, unsure of what I should do, or where I should go. Caution ringing in my ears, because it looks like danger. There are times that I just go for it, running ahead without checking with God first, and I fall because He had a better way.
Today, I choose to let Him be my Scout. He knows that path ahead, and He has me covered. He is asking me to walk in faith, to believe Him. So, I will walk to the edge and believe that He is there to secure me.
Loving, trusting, hoping, waiting, and watching, all this is part of my adventure with Him. His hand upon me as the road is navigated with Him, and I discover more of who I am IN Him.
Say That Again, Jesus, You are here with me, right now. It's your adventure and You have invited me to come along.

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