Monday, March 28, 2011


We had a nice evening last night.  We took the dogs and went for a walk.  Our oldest son and his wife came along with their two dogs and a visiting dog.  Eli and Ruby came with their skateboards. And, we had our dog, Sailor. We hiked up to a point, then down to the lake, and all over some rocks.  Sailor is just like a mountain goat! So, not only is she stinky dog, but she is wonder dog, too!
The skateboards were a bit of a headache as we tried to navigate our way through the rocks, over the rocks, and around the pebbled beach! But, you know, skateboards must come along!
We came home to our house after our walk and made salmon, and steak strips for our tortillas.  Some of us like salmon, others prefer steak! We whipped up home made guacamole, and a salad.  It was very good.  Then, we played with Eli and Ruby.  They are really into tickling me, all the time.  Sometimes it's fun, others times, not so much.
We watched the movie, Facing the Giants. It was one of those movies that reveal the wonders of God. He prevailed, of course, doesn't He always?
He certainly prevails in my life, He is the one that has tackled so many giants for me. He has changed my entire outlook on life, and given me courage to move ahead in His passion and His will.
Giants like mental illness.  Giants like depression, despair, emptiness.  Giants like secrets, running, grief.
Giants like cooking, or just stepping out of the house. Giants like relationships.
This is the same kind of stuff He did for David, Esther, the Women at the Well. Giants that He tackled in their lives, He tackles in mine.
I read in 2 Thessalonians 2 this morning. Near the end of the chapter it says this "God has chosen you from the beginning for salvation through sanctification by the Spirit and faith in the truth." It feels good to me to know that I am chosen, and always have been. That through sanctification, which is tackling my giants, He is alive IN me. He builds my faith In His truth, and demolishes the lies.
God is the real Giant here. Nothing and no one can bring Him down. He is the true Giant that takes out all the destructive giants, the ones that try so hard to destroy our lives. And, each time He takes one out, sanctifies me, He gets bigger, the stuff gets smaller.
I don't always understand the process He leads me through, but I do understand the goal. And, I will have faith in His truth to take me through whatever necessary to reach that goal. To face the giants!
Say That Again, Jesus. You know all the giants that need to be tackled. You know the process. You are the biggest!

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