Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Path

Sometimes I find myself standing at a crossroad, wondering which way to go.  Or, even worse, I find myself feeling like it's not even a crossroad; it's a dead end, and that, I do not like.  I've felt that way a lot the past few months, and I have had to throw myself at His throne and ask for direction, wisdom, discernment.  He pulls through every time, but in His timing, not mine.
While in a training, there was another image that God gave me while the facilitator was praying for me to know how God was calling me to use the information I was learning: I was standing again in a clearing and Jesus walked out of the forest towards me.  He smiled, and He came up behind me.  This time He put His hands on my back and began to gently push me on the path that was lit before me.  He said "go do as I have asked you to do, the path is lit and I am here with You." As I looked around, there were several paths, but only one was lit by His light and glory. 
It's fascinating to me how He directs my way, and lights the path before me.  He brings all things together, even before I realize that He's doing it.  He works my life into His life and because I have asked Him, He pushes me in the right direction, gently.  He prods me, pursues me, firmly roots my being into Him.
Still, with all His assurances, I sometimes question Him! Even though He always pulls through, I can easily slip into doubt and sometimes fear. Every time, He forgives me, gently holds me, pulls me up to His heart.
I enjoyed 1 Corinthians 10 this morning. It started out by relaying the story of the Israelites, and all the miracles they experienced in their lives. Yet, even with all those wonders, It didn't seem to be enough for them. They were still defeated by temptations as they walked through the desert. 
This very same thing could, and has, happened to me. It is because I have been set on having my own way, rather than resting in God's way. I forget whose really in charge. As this chapter warns; "We must never try to get Christ to serve us instead of us serving Him."
So, as I move forward on the path that He has lit for me, I choose to remember that all my confidence must rest in Him, not myself.  This is about my Jesus, it has nothing to do with me.  He won't let me down, and He won't allow me to be pushed past anything that can't be handled. He will always be there, behind me, guarding me. I will choose to remember that my Jesus does not become who I am, but He lifts me up to become what He is! He enables me to further His Kingdom, because He lives IN me. He is asking for all of me so He can use it to benefit others. He enables me to walk in the freedom He has so graciously given me, and close my ears to what others might  say about me.  
So, Jesus, Say That Again today.  I hear you, desire you, love you, and I choose to walk your path of light and freedom today.


  1. That is so true we are servants to God He always leads us.We can trust in Him.

  2. Great post...I have found myself saying I was "lost" during this season of my life, and I started the year with the Lord showing me things through the planting of His garden in my life. I love that He is never finished with us...that He does light the path, and when we lack wisdom all we need to do is ask.
    Blessings on your new path.
    I am signed in wrong on my it will say anonymous...oh my, need to correct that. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting,
    Janette@Janette's Sage

  3. Bethany - i just love this post as it is pretty much an echo of my journey with Him right now. i am glad that i found your blog and look forward to more of your writing!

  4. Hi Bethany:
    I'm so glad you came by, it lead me over here and I have really enjoyed your post tonight!
    And yes, those Israelites... I have also wondered how they could be so ungrateful and forget so quickly how God has provided... and then in the next moment, I have been THEM!...
    Thanks God for His patience and love for each one of us!
    I'm also joining and look forward to reading more on your blog


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