Thursday, March 3, 2011


Conversations can be interesting, boring, confusing, short, slow, mind boggling, fun, healing, wounding. forgetful, or possibly life changing.  I've had some pretty good conversations lately, some of all of the above! We had a potluck with a dear group of friends last night, our conversations were good, friendly, informative, comfortable. I learned something about each person in the group, like what they would do if they only had a year to live.  And, how much chocolate fountains mean to them.  And, how wounded some of us may feel. I learned the value, once again, of walking my talk and being real with others. I learned that I can be deeply impacted by another persons words and actions, and others can be deeply impacted by mine. I learned that God's hand is in all things and He controls the coming and going, the ultimate destination of my conversations, my friends, my life.
Sometimes, in my conversations, I just want to get to the bottom of the issue.  I want to be able to see inside someone's heart and I want all games and masks to be put away.  Just say it like it is, and be real with me.  Other times, in my conversations, I choose to be more quiet and just watch.  Praying for God to give me the wisdom I need to understand.  To bless me with His knowledge.
I felt all of this last night. I was intrigued with some of the conversation, moved, confused and even irritated. I was pushed into the place of wanting to be more like Jesus, no matter what. I found myself needing prayer from trusted friends, because some of the conversation was getting to my heart.
I come before my God today and ask Him to bless my conversations.  To hold me up in His light and let all my words shine for Him.  I come before His throne and ask Him to continue to show me His truth and to bind up wounds that are tearing away at my heart.  I come before Him and ask Him for protection for all of the ones that I love, protection from the games people play, the untruths that circle around, the love that does not walk.
So, today is a another day that He strengthens me, loves me, carries me.  And, He does this for you too. What could be better than that? It is joy!
Say That Again, Jesus, You are clothing me again today, whispering in my ear Your direction, healing me with Your conversation.  I know you are there all the time, keep saying it!

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