Monday, March 14, 2011

Quiet Please!

Our daughter likes to talk.  From the moment she wakes up to the second she goes to sleep at night, she's talking.  Important things like "Eli needs his fingernails cut!" " Eli has his shoes on." " Where's Eli?" It's Eli this and Eli that. She adores Eli, her big brother.  When Eli isn't around, she indulges in other conversations, "I'm bored!" "When is Eli going to be home?"  " How much longer before we get Eli?" "There's nothing to do without Eli!"
In between all the Eli talk, she is quick to inform me of anything she might disapprove of, or  things she loves that day.  She wants to wear jeans most of the time, she likes the color blue, she loves to skateboard and ride her bike.  Oh, and, when is her birthday? She has her birthday all planned out for the next 3 years. She wants to know how to spell every word, and when we are in the car, she wants to listen to the song about the jeans! She is quick to tell me that she only likes pizza and macaroni.  She doesn't want to eat icky food! And, on and on she goes.
Sometimes, I need some space from all the talk.  I'll encourage her to read a book, or play in her room. I'll give her the computer and set up some games for her.  Ah, a moment of quiet!
Does God ever feel this way about me? I am full of questions for God and I bring them to Him everyday. "What about this, or that?"  I bring every concern and go over it and over it with Him.  The talk goes on and on about situation and I feel like an endless spew of comments, questions, and concerns!  Sometimes my moments of being quiet and actually hearing what God has to say about it all, is short. Like my daughter, I'd like Him to hear me and then I'd like some quick results!
He has to bring to my attention that I am not being still long enough for Him to say anything at all! "Take a pause, dear child and listen!"  I need to breathe, slow down, and be in His presence, so I can hear Him. Today, I will do that!
I am thankful for His ever patient ways, and His grace towards me all the time.  I am thankful that His love is unconditional and when I just keep talking, He waits for me to come around to quiet, so I can hear.
Say That Again, Lord Jesus.  Shut my mouth long enough for me to hear You! Speak to me Your wise counsel today, and bless me with the whisper of Your Spirit.

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  1. Good word and I need to be quiet today, too much stirring and I need to hear.
    Great illustration, my little one is like that also, and all the "why" questions. I posted one time on "I can't hear myself thinking". I have had the same thoughts as you on if God gets tired of me talking. I love how He teaches us through our children,
    Have a great day listening.


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