Sunday, March 20, 2011

Eli's Yogurt

My daughter in law came to visit yesterday, she's a delight for our family. Both Eli and Ruby think she's a lot of fun and they really enjoy her company. We all went out for yogurt at Jamms, one of those do it yourself yogurt shops. Lots of flavors, lots of toppings, lots of good!
Our son thinks this is the greatest place ever! I think he has a lot more fun making his yogurt bowl, than eating it. He fills the bowl up with his favorite flavor or two, then he begins the delightful process of adding the toppings. He puts on chocolate candy, nerds, blueberries, cherries, strawberries and he always tops it with a lot of whip cream! Yesterday his creation was such a fancy sight, they took a picture of him with his bowl of yogurt. He liked that! I did too.
As I read in Romans this morning, chapter 15, I thought about the delight of Eli and his yogurt. His joy in creating something so good, and the fun of getting to eat it. How he took some simple yogurt and transformed it into a magical dish of color, flavor, and fun.
This is what God does. His calling and counsel are warm and steady, and the more we build on what He says, the better we taste. We are lovely in His sight, and in the sight of others. As His followers, when we all lean on His counsel and walk towards His calling we live in unity together, all of our flavors blending and complimenting each other. We are built up IN Him, and we taste good!
Through this process, he delivers hope to me and fills me up with peace. He gives me the ability to believe and clothes me with a life giving energy of His powerful Spirit. Because of His Spirit, His energy I am moved towards constant change IN Him, growth, health, and vitality.
I'm heading back to Jamms, the yogurt shop, on Wednesday with a group of friends. Looking forward to our time there. I will, no doubt, think of Eli and his yogurt tower. It will bring a smile to my face, and a prayer to my mind for God to build me up IN Him. And, to teach me to work well and to play well with others, bringing in my flavor to compliment theirs.
Say That Again, my Jesus, enable me to remember your calling and your counsel today. Build me up IN You!

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