Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Land Rover

My Land Rover has been going through some very rough days. It spent Spring break in our garage getting a make over, thanks to a very good friend and my husband. And, now, it is back in the shop, sitting alone waiting for yet another diagnosis. I've been told that Land Rovers are picky, and high to maintain, but my desire to drive my Land Rover still has not wavered. The fact that the window sometimes will not go down or the doors will not unlock or the seats will not move, has not seemed to bother me very much. I still like my Land Rover. My husband, on the other hand, is becoming increasingly irritated with my Land Rover! Especially, since he just spent so many intimate hours with it in the garage, I think he is ready for me to sell it and move on to something less moody. I'm probably going to have to give in to that idea, because right now I'm driving a Buick, and even though my son wants to go on a cross country trip in the Buick, I just can't see myself and the Buick being friends for a long time. No offense to the Buick, of course. It's a great car, and I'm thankful for it's services.
Another Land Rover would be cool, but I'm betting my husband would object to that idea. An old Land Cruiser, maybe, or a Jeep....
So, I'm bringing my engine issues before my God, because of course there's no money to buy anything and as long as my fantastic Land Rover is sitting in the shop needing repair it's not really worth anything either. Minor detail. I'm reminding myself that God wrote the plan, He has the solution, He knows what to do. For now, I'm in a Buick and it's all good. Say That Again, Jesus, you are my provider and you have provided well for me on this day. Thank you!


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