Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Stinky Car

My Land Rover is back in my possession, the shop gave it a good look over and put in a couple bolts and declared it good. They then said that it had a "new issue" and thought that maybe it would  "fix itself." As I drove away, I noticed that the loud noise was still there, rumbling away under my hood, and as the day wore on, the noise only increased. Then, along with this irritating noise, a strong smell started, stronger and stronger as the evening came on. A rotting smell, very gross. I drove with the sun roof open and the window cracked, because the smell was a little too intense for my nose to handle.
I arrived home late last night and when I drove up our hill, the smell seemed to get worse, as did the noise. I decided I would leave all the windows down over night and hope for the best. This morning, as the kids and I went out to the garage to get in to my Land Rover, we were blasted with an unpleasant oder. But, when I turned on the truck, it was really bad. My kids pulled up their shirts and moaned loudly. The noise and the smell was enough to make them want to walk to school! I ran in the house and grabbed the lemon air freshner, hoping it would give us a little relief. It didn't really help.
I pulled out of the garage, down the driveway and onto the street, and just sat in the street for a moment. The smell was sicking. I noticed the heater was on full blast so I pushed it off and suddenly the noise was gone! The smell began to decrease. My kids faces popped out of their shirts. Ta-da! So, I sent a text to my husband and he decided the problem must be a dead mouse in the heater. Ick.
I hope the sun stays out and it doesn't get cold. I'm not turning my heater back on. My kids will find this to be fascinating, I find this to be gross. The noise?  Well, I can't go there....
And so on with another day and it's challenges, and my Land Rover. God driving, of course. No heater, but He has me wrapped up in His arms so it's okay. His Robe is around me, I'm warm in Him. Say That Again, Jesus, You are driving, You are keeping me warm today.

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