Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Parts

So, I've decided that my Land Rover has many parts. The smelly, stinky part, the noisy part, the flasher part, the messy part, the broken down part, the off road part, the expensive part, the I can do anything part, the comfy part, and then the parts I have not yet discovered.
Right now, the part I am experiencing the most, is the stinky smelly part. Yes, there's still something in my heater fan that is causing a rotten odor, even when the heater is off. My truck that once smelled like my stinky dog and rambunctious children now smells like a dead creature. My husband started to disassemble my dashboard so he could discover what might be creating this stinky smell, he hasn't found the culprit yet. But, once again, my truck has been ushered to the garage, until further notice. While waiting there, the flashers randomly went on, seemingly in protest and my husband had to disconnect the battery to get the flashers to stop! I worked on cleaning out my truck in hopes of feeling a little better about the stinky part of it, but it didn't really help. Nothing is going to help until the problem is solved and the stink is gone. I think my flashers would be randomly flashing too if I smelled so bad that no one would sit next to me! Warning, warning, there's a problem here!
I was telling God about all of this, of course. And, also, expressing to Him my own need for His light in my life, my need for Him to see each part of me, and to cover me, walk with me, heal me each day. I clearly heard Him say back to me that His Word was within me and He is speaking through me alive and active. He is always working within the lives of His children! I then turned to Romans 10 and smiled when I read this:  "it's the Word of faith that welcomes God to go to work and set things right for us" and "The Word is near you, in your mouth, and in your heart."
My flashers come on pretty often, and God sees them. He welcomes them and He goes to work to set things right for me. His Word is in my mouth and heart, I speak it daily and live it through faith. The Word is flesh, Jesus, deeply rooted within my heart.
Say That Again, Jesus, You see every part of me, and You say "Welcome, Child."

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