Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Shelter

This morning I'm listening to another song that has touched my heart: "If our hearts have turned to stone, we know the rocks will cry out. We will never walk alone in the shelter of each other, God has given us each other. We will live in the shelter of each other."
I like this song, because I'm learning that this is true. As I watch other people walk life and reach out to others shelter them in their walk, I see that relationship softens hearts, and hardens hearts. When relationship hardens hearts,  it turns it to stone and it cries out. God answers by sending more relationships! This is what He has done for me, He has showed me hard pockets in my heart, areas of stone where I have cried out to Him for help, and in turn He has sent shelter and asked that I trust. He has said to me "Trust my people, find shelter here and let them find shelter with you."  He has built Shelter over me and gently guided me in the process of trust. He has led me through His Word and given me a Firewall, a Burning Bush, and a Crystal Clear Lake. He has Hedged me in Kept me all the way.
He has been my Truth, my Reconciliation, my Renewal. He has been my Break through!
So, as He shows me the stones in my heart, today I will rejoice to know that He has promised that the rocks will cry out! I know I cry out to God and I know that He answers. Every time I ask for help, He is there. He comes. I raise my hands in surrender, and He grabs them. He shelters me, He brings me help. He brings people and he whispers "trust now".
My heart is softer today than it was yesterday. He said He would penetrate my heart.
Say That Again, Jesus, you are my Shelter and You have asked me to be a Shelter to others to walk with others. I will walk in the shelter of others and in the shelter of You.

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