Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The House on the Hill

Our house sits on a hill. We've lived here for about five years now; it's been an adjustment for me. We moved from an older house downtown. The house downtown was well used and well loved.  It is still a well used and well loved house, it's the house we use as our ministry home now. I think of it as home, still.
The House on the Hill is lovely. It's bigger and it's comfortable. I feel good there and my children like it there. But, it has taken me a long time to make it home. I had to start by painting some walls. I made the dining room wall red. And then moved into the family room and put some deep gold on one of the walls  by the fire place. We painted the living room the same golden hue. The entry way has a brick red on one wall. The fire place in our bedroom is sky blue and on the mantle rests lots of red decorations.  My walls have writings on the them, and my children have liberally decorated their walls with their handiwork as well. It looks much better now that it has been personalized.  It's comfortable, safe, homey, and heartfelt. I'm not yet done, I just haven't purchased the next color. But, I do know the next wall that I plan to paint.
I like having big walls, each one being a canvas, and a big imagination, and the freedom to do whatever I want with the wall.
I want my House on the Hill to shine in the neighborhood. I want my house downtown to shine in the community. I want them to be a part of a city that knows Jesus, and I want to be a seed planter and a light shiner. I want Him to do whatever He needs to do, paint the walls inside of me, make them over, take them down, bring in the Firewall, personalize me according to His Will. Jesus, just make me shine. There are going to be times that I will need to adjust, colors will need to change. Jesus, write on me! Your Word, Your Way, Always! Say That Again, I surrender.

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