Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Patrol

My son was riding his scooter in the house and my daughter came running to tell me. "He's riding his scooter in the house, and he's not suppose to!"  My son came whipping around the corner just in time to inform both of us that nobody ever said that he shouldn't be riding his scooter in the house! I asked him how a scooter was different than a skate board, which has been banned from the house. He clearly said with an obvious tone, "a scooter has handle bars." And, around the corner he went! Skate boards have been banned from the house because they have a way of slipping out from under ones feet and ramming into the wall, consequently making marks and holes in the walls. Scooters, on the other hand, do have handle bars as my son pointed out, and probably won't ram into the wall. So, I decided that having a scooter in the house and watching it whip around the corner with my son on it, was okay. My daughter, on the other hand, still had the need to patrol the situation. I reminded her that she has had her bike in the house, which also has handle bars, but this didn't seem to appease her. She seemed to think that scooters were too much like skate boards and it should go.
I've been thinking about the scooter episode, and wondering about my own need to patrol others. Do I start patrol by voicing who is gifted in what? Or, do I decide who hears from God and who doesn't? Do I  get to be the one that patrols anything at all? As a leader at a Ministry do I tell people what to do, or motivate them to move in the direction God is calling them? Do I take their "handle bars" and lead them, or motivate them to call out to God and listen for His voice so they can follow Him on the path of light and we can be in unity together?
It is not my job to be the patrol voice! It's my job to love. I've got my own scooter, sometimes I'm on a skate board, ramming into the wall. Sometimes, I'm on a bike. Whatever I'm on, I've got to be listening to the voice of God. And, I've got to be riding on the level ground at the cross, with everybody else. When I'm rammed into the wall, I need someone to come along and help me. And, when I see my friends stuck in a hole, I'm going to come along and motivate them, pray for them, and see God rescue them!
Jesus, I want to surrender today to Your voice. I want You to patrol me, all of me. Lead me. Drive the scooter, Jesus, and keep me from ramming into the wall when I'm on a skate board. Use me in the lives of others. Say That Again, today, You are my Patrol.

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