Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Burial

Stinky Dog and I had a lovely day together yesterday, and I will remember it fondly. I left her home around noon, sleeping soundly by the fireplace. My husband came and picked her up, along with her blanket, and off they went to visit the vet.
I went to see a friend, and then from there to pick up our children from school. I took our children to the store and we cruised up and down the ice cream aisle for awhile. They decided that this time, in celebration of Stinky dog they would have sour patch pops, and I decided on coffee chocolate heath ice cream.
We took our frozen treats back to our ministry house and sat in my office enjoying them and discussing what was about to happen. I was keeping my children inside, as my husband and a friend was bringing our stinky dog to her resting place under the cherry tree, already wrapped in her blanket.
I went out to check and my husband stood beside her grave with tears streaming down his face. He looked distraught. His friend looked pretty sad too. Our Stinky dog was at peace, but the process to get her there had felt like torture.
We were blessed with the support of loving people who came to stand with us beside her grave. And, our children offered up random words of wisdom and special gifts. We listened to a special song, "Fly Away" just for her and I envisioned her with wings flying to heaven. Both my husband and I repeated how she was the best dog ever, and we know that we will miss her. I will miss her terribly.
As a family, we were blessed to have her. Personally, I was richly blessed to have her in my life. I will Say that Again, God richly blessed me with stinky dog, and I know He will bless me in more ways again through other dogs.

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