Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Party

Its been raining all week, and we've been praying that God would stop the rain just for a few hours, because we've been planning a party for our upcoming grandson. He's due to arrive in May. My husband read the forecast yesterday and it said chances of rain were 100 percent! I kept praying for sunshine. There were a lot of people coming to this party, and some of those people were men, they wanted to stand outside around the fire pit, and bond.  My son, the new daddy, didn't really want to join in on gift opening, and girlie games. So, we prayed.
The party was great, with all of my family there. My three older sons, their beautiful wives. My two energetic younger children, and my granddaughter.  God, kept back the rain clouds, just as He has done for every event we have done so far at our ministry house, Agape Celebration! 
My daughter in law did the finishing touches on cleaning up and just as we walked out the door, it started to rain! We both knew without a doubt, that God had given the OKAY to the weather. God does care about the intimate details of my life, even about the party for my son and daughter. He is involved and He knew how important it was to me and others that the weather was nice for us on the party day. I look at this one little thing and realize how big it is! With all the stress going on in life right now, it meant so much to me to have God's tenderness touch my day. It meant so much to have my entire family together, to be able to take pictures, and see them smile. It was a joy to see my children run through the yard and play, and even funny to find them on the roof! ( yes, they are energetic and full of mischief)
Jesus, You continue to show me how much You love me.  Yesterday, You showed up at the party, and that was pretty special. Thank you for Saying That Again to me!

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