Friday, March 30, 2012

The Adjustment

Apparently being smashed into the wall while playing basket ball, or hitting my head on the playground while running from my children is not good for an already fragile neck and back. I visited the chiropractor today and he adjusted my very sore body, working to put it back into alignment. He  recommended to me that I stay off the playground or away from the dangerous areas. And, for awhile I do, but then I end up running in a rousing game and before long, an adjustment is needed.
This morning as I prayed asking God for an overall life adjustment He led me to Hebrew 2. I haven't read this chapter in awhile, so I guess God figured it was time. In verse 10, it says this: "It makes good sense that the God who got everything started and keeps everything going now completes the work by making the Salvation Pioneer  perfect through suffering as he leads all these people  to glory."
I'm getting the idea that suffering is part of the picture in scripture. Life did not come easy for a lot of people. In fact for most everyone, adjustments took place, and as they went about their life, some of them being smashed against walls, or bumped on the playgrounds, they had to continue to come back to God for an adjustment. It was a lifetime process for them, and that's exactly what it is for me. A daily adjustment. My heart, my attitude, my mind, my soul, it all has to be daily adjusted to God, aligned with Him, set to His timing and His way. I have found that sometimes I am way off balance. But, His grace and mercy towards me is infinite. So, He is my Adjuster.
 I really need an adjustment today, Jesus! I know You are working through me, and I am leaning into You to trust that process. I need You to Say That Again to me, You will complete the work, and it makes good sense!

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