Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Heavenly Door

I received a text this morning from a friend, she sent me Revelation 4:1. I looked the verse up right away, and this is what I found: "Then I looked, and, Oh--a door, open into Heaven. The trumpet-voice, the first voice in my vision called out, 'Ascend and enter, I'll show you what happens next.'"
I've had several days of asking God to show me what to do next, or of asking Him for direction. I've had some days where I've felt like nothing has been able to come out of my mouth, I just sit in silence, in a stupor or a fog of doubt and disbelief over our circumstances. And, I've had days, of boldness where I believe it's going to be okay, my strength is good and I'm ready to move forward.
 "Ascend and enter, I'll show you what happens next." He has transferred me out of darkness into the heavenly light, and He is ready to show me whatever I want to see. He has promised daily strength, wisdom, hope, courage, discernment, joy, and hope. He has given warmth on days that seem so cold and blustery, friendship on days when I feel lonely, His Heavenly Door has always been open.
Still, the steps can be challenging. As I proclaim each day Who I know that He is, I find that the enemy fires arrows my way. Then, I am reminded, by a friend that there is a heavenly door.  He is ever-present, He is the Victor. I am the Victor, because He is ever present IN me. So, The sun is out again today, The Heavenly Door is wide open pouring blessings down my way, and yes, the circumstances are all still the same. But, God is God and He has promised to keep the Heavenly Door open. Say That Again, Jesus, "Ascend and enter, I'll show you what happens next!"

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