Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Ice Cream

My confession for today is this: I usually eat a bowl of ice cream every day. Sometimes, I have two. Yesterday, I had chocolate ice cream, twice. Today, I had chocolate and caramel pecan. I really do like ice cream.
Someone asked me once why I always want ice cream. I said I want it because it's good. And, I sometimes want it because it's distracting. Anybody relate?
I've had a lot of things in my life lately that I've wanted to be distracted from. The tidal wave of issues that have been building for some time now. I run to God. And, I eat ice cream. I cope in lots of ways. God continues to reveal to me my distractions.
He hears me when I cry "help" and brings rescue into my life.
Oh Jesus, I need You! I am Saying That Again. "HELP"


  1. Icecream is a great reminder of the little goodnesses in life :)


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