Monday, March 12, 2012

The Old Quilt

Many years ago my husband gave me a quilt for Valentines Day. It was bright with big squares on it, and very soft. I loved it. It rested on our bed, and it rested on the chair, and it traveled with me when we went on trips. I wrapped it around me in the cold winter months during my early mornings. Eventually, I began to notice that the material was wearing thin, then little tears were happening.  I'd stitch them up. Soon, I'd have big rips, I'd stitch those up too.  After awhile, I put the quilt away, fearing that it would be a pile of rags if I kept using it and I didn't want that.
I recently gave my quilt to a friend, giving her full permission to cut it up and make it into whatever she wanted. She's talented and I knew she could use it to further her talents. She sent me a text last night with a picture of a scarf, she made my quilt into a scarf, for me! She took an old ragged quilt and made it into something new and lovely! The best of the best, as she said.
Now, when I wear the scarf, not only will I think of the gift I received from my husband so many years ago, but I will also think of the gift I have received from a dear friend. The renewal of something that is dear to me.
Yesterday afternoon I came home after visiting with some friends and I found my family camped out on our bed. My husband, both kids and both dogs. It was a lovely sight, except there was no room at all for me! We have a bench at the end of our bed, and I made myself at home down there, and spent a little time with Jesus. I've been needing more time, because I've been feeling like an old quilt. I've been feeling like I need to run back to the Throne constantly and be renewed, and have the rips in my heart sewed back up. As I was on the bench, in the presence of Jesus He reminded me of Proverbs 3. In this chapter there's a great verse that says this: "Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don't try to figure out everything on your  own. Listen for God's voice in everything you do, everywhere you go. He's the one who will keep you on track."
In the quilt of life, my quilt, I know I can't figure everything out. Only God has the pattern, and trusting Him is the answer. Trust is big for me, so I have to keep coming back to Him and giving myself to Him and confessing to Him, and he sews up the wounds in my heart. And, I keep learning. And, He is making a new quilt for others to see with His name on it, His stitching, His testimony, His love. It is stamped with His renewal  and restoration.
Jesus, Say That Again, you are the quilt maker!


  1. Love this post! What a neat story. :)

    1. Thank you! I'm wearing my scarf this evening and it's delightful!


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