Friday, March 2, 2012

The Stressful Week

It's been a stressful week. The coffee pot broke, but that is not the reason the week has been stressful, although, some friends that know me may consider that as being part of my stress. The coffee can is also empty and I received a text this morning saying that we needed to shop for more coffee, this is not the reason for my stress.
We have bigger issue. Money issues, family issues, business issues.
Issues like God is truly doing what He says He is going to do--Penetrate my heart.
My husband asked God to enable him to trust Him more, so what does God do? He stretches us more financially, thus giving my husband ample opportunity to trust Him more.
Our extended family is challenged in many ways and we are watching them live in pain. I feel pained. Both my husband and I spend time praying to God for their relief, and for answers.
This morning I read about the Light dispelling the darkness. Where God is there is no darkness. His Light shines in all the places and brings the light, ugly darkness goes away, yet still there can be a cost to sin. Still stressful weeks exist. But, with the light, we handle the stress with prayer, step by step with Him. I am praying for His wisdom, His discernment. I know that as He probes deeper into my life, I need Him to give me all of these things. His safety wraps me securely.
There's a lot going on right now. I'm glad it's Friday. I guess I better go hunting for a coffee pot, and some coffee.
Jesus, Say That Again, Your light dispels the darkness, and with You I can deal with the stressful weeks. You are penetrating my heart, teaching both my husband and I to trust deeply. I love you Jesus.

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